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How It Works


Cloud-Native Networking

A transit network works as a cloud-native private backbone to interconnect VPCs/VNETs in multiple cloud providers. It enables an enterprise's network to extend to other regions or other cloud providers over the standard and repeatable architecture. The same transit network allows an enterprise to integrate on-premises networks from multiple sites, partners' access, VPN users, and IoT traffic whilst providing secure and controlled internet breakout in the cloud to the servers and applications.

The solution provides enterprise-grade networking control that is enriched with intelligence to embrace cloud provider’s networking constructs and unlocks cloud provider's limitations e.g. route-table size, regional network resource limits, etc. Intercloud links are provisioned over cloud provider’s hyper bandwidth backbone links. This makes the solution FREE from the upfront CapEx by eliminating the on-prem DC or colocation connectivity costs this is required to build multi-cloud networks. Our mantra is, once you are in the cloud never look backwards to the Service Provider to grow further, look forward, and just expand your cloud!


Security & Compliance

At the transit layer, it is simpler to integrate your preferred next-generation firewall vendor into your network architecture. Enforce controlled internet breakout, policy enforcement for end-to-end segmentation and to fulfill compliance requirements. It is possible to achieve this all with fewer Firewall instances to save on the licensing cost to provision enterprise-grade security. With the FQDN filtering, it is possible to implement whitelist internet destinations for servers that only need to go to the internet to download software patches. The solution also presents an open APIs architecture that allows easy integration with other cloud vendor services like Splunk, Datadog, etc. for audit reports.

All cloud links are provisioned over high-performance encrypted connections with wire-speed performance up to 75 Gbps.


Control & Visibility

We know mastering one cloud is hard; mastering multiple clouds can be overwhelming. We provide an unprecedented level of centralized control and network visibility through an intuitive and user-friendly interface for your IT teams to manage, operate and troubleshoot your complete multi-cloud/multi-account network from a single pane of glass. With complete End-to-end visibility and insights, it is a simpler and cost-effective way of eliminating operational blind spots. You are no longer required to hire a cloud expert for every cloud provider!

Our Vision

In the ever-changing landscape, we strongly felt a need to simplify the adoption of technologies or the democratization of technologies. SDxWORx is, therefore, bridging the gap between the complex solution and its simplification for the end-user to provide an "easy button" to our customers.

Our Experience

Over 100+ years of collective industry experience in designing, implementing and optimizing large scale secure networks leveraging multi-vendor solutions.

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Let us show you how you can adopt the right multi-cloud network architecture for your business. We can flexibly network your complete cloud and handover you the control to run it with simplicity in a cost-effective way to supercharge your business’s cloud agility.

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